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Jo Owen

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A personal pledge to uphold the City’s enduring values

For generations the phrase “My Word is My Bond” has encapsulated the ethos of the City of London as one of the most trusted places to do business anywhere in the world.

Part of our challenge is to restore the level of trust which society the world over has a right to expect from businesses operating in the City of London.

This cannot be accomplished overnight but we are helping individuals connect to the wider City community through their personal commitment and energy, to promote the City’s good name and to defend it when challenged.

At the root of this plan is a personal pledge to be taken by those working in the City to uphold the highest standards of integrity and professional behaviour, with a focus
on obligations to clients and other stakeholders.

Our team has consulted widely to develop a voluntary commitment which will be recognised by employers as incremental to, not conflicting with, other corporate, professional, legal or regulatory obligations.

Patrick McHugh,
The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants