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Jo Owen

City Values Forum


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Enabling Boards to ensure that
values are observed and ‘lived’


A practical resource for boards that clearly signposts best practice in the governance of culture and values.

It will highlight the tools available to non-executive directors to assess the executive processes which integrate values into the business’s day-to-day operations and ensure that the culture and values of the organisation underpin business strategy.


It is increasingly evident that the culture of a business and its management has a critical impact on the application of ethical standards and values at every level of the organisation and thereby on the performance and success of the business.

Most Boards are clear about the values essential to achieving business strategy and retaining reputation but how can they be assured that these are upheld and ‘lived’ by those working across the business?

Working with Tomorrow’s Company our team aims to how how Boards can create a ‘clear line of sight’ through their business to ensure that values are observed and delivered.


The programme of work will result in the production of a report and accompanying toolkit that focuses on boardroom impacts and leadership.

It will:

Tony Manwaring,
Tomorrow’s Company