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Jo Owen

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Recruitment, appraisal and development best practice linked
to ethics & behaviour


A new policy guide and best practice toolkit in performance management is being prepared to help employers embed values at three crucial stages: recruitment, performance appraisal and development.

The toolkit will particularly address the needs of the individual who delivers short term financial results but does not work by the organisation’s values and creates excessive risk.

The work undertaken will be cross-referenced to published professional standards, regulatory requirements and internal disciplinary processes. The toolkit will include research and case studies from City firms of performance assessment schemes linked to values. Organisations will be equipped to assess both the individual’s business performance and the extent to which they adopt and ‘live’ the corporate values.

Consideration will also be given to the use of sanctions in the workplace where individuals fall short of the standards set out by their employer. Template policies, processes and forms will enable organisations to adapt the contents to meet their specific circumstances.


Managers operate talent management strategies whereby they identify, attract, reward and retain employees based on criteria related to the organisation’s business model.

The ability to meet business and financial targets is just one aspect.

Values also play an important role in business sustainability; they promote ethical behaviour, such as giving proper attention to the interests of the customer (whether internal or external) and other stakeholders.

It has been said that what gets measured gets done.

Part of this programme of work aims to assist organisations to implement best practice in setting objectives which incorporate desired values and behaviours and to measure performance against those objectives.


The toolkit will provide materials to challenge ‘groupthink’ in performance appraisal. It will explore a range of performance management systems, documentation and techniques focusing on

Andrea Eccles, Managing Director,
City HR Association